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Montana can do more to expand our outdoor recreation economy

M.O.R.E is a statewide coalition of businesses, recreationists, hunters, anglers, and conservationists working together to build our outdoor recreation economy. We seek to improve access to our public lands for recreation, promote the tourism and business development benefits of our outdoor heritage and support effective, collaborative to use collaboration for effective forest and range management.

We support three key state policy actions:

  1. Establish an Office of Outdoor Recreation, led and informed by Montana’s outstanding outdoor business leaders, athletes, recreationists and conservationists.

  2. Establish a State Public Lands Access Advocate, and,

  3. Fully fund Habitat Montana, critical wildlife conservation investments paid for by out-of-state fishing and hunting licenses.


M.O.R.E. is a statewide coalition of over 50 businesses, recreationists, hunters, anglers and conservationists working together to create jobs and opportunity by expanding Montana's outdoor recreation economy while protecting our world-class public lands.

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Why we're together

Through simple state policy changes, Montana can do more to promote its outdoor recreation industry.

Montana is an amazing place to mountain bike, ski, trail run, float, fish, hunt, camp or ride an ATV. Our public lands attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the world, bringing in tourism dollars that support local businesses in every part of the state. Every year, Montana’s outdoor economy sustains 60,000+ jobs that generate $6 billion in sustainable, recession-resistant economic activity and over $400 million in tax revenue.

At the same time, companies choose to locate here in order to attract and retain employees who value our outdoor way of life. From high-paying manufacturers to medical fields, high-tech industry to gear shops, outfitters, and guides - Montana is growing a diversified economy that depends on access to and conservation of our public lands.

Outdoor recreation is a powerful economic engine for communities across the state and contributes greatly to our high quality of life. Protecting the lands is the right thing to do for our diversified economy and our way of life.

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